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Summer time is great for those who enjoy outdoor activities and swimming, but it’s also a great time to have bats removed from your home! This is because there are plenty of food source options and the young are able to fly in the summer. Adult bats and young juvenile bats form large colonies and usually take to the sky around August. Be sure to look around your home during the evening for bats flying around. If you happen to see a flight path of bats over your home it is most likely that there is a colony close by.

During the summer, bats can accidentally get inside your home when looking for shelter so don’t forget to have window screens on your windows if you’re keeping them open during the night. Contact a professional wildlife removal company like Bay State Wildlife if you think you have a bat intruding the inside or outside of your home! We can set up a bat exclusion plan to safely remove bats from your home and make sure they don’t return, so call Bay State Wildlife at 781-830-6080 to get more information about our bat removal services or use our contact form!


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