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Many Massachusetts residents have faced raccoon problems at one point or another. They are one of the most common nuisance animals we face. What makes them even more of a problem, is that they have learned to live with us, humans. Mainly we see them rummaging through our trash cans in search of food and scraps. Often times, they make their nests in our homes, tearing apart the insulation and ripping open ducts. Even worse they leave behind their droppings and urine.

In recent news, there was a raccoon that had been plaguing a family in Chicago. A son would have his mother shine a light down their street while he walked home from work because a raccoon liked to rummage through the trash cans every night. Her only defense was pouring water on the raccoon when it appeared, but it would always come back. Their family was in constant fear of being attacked.

There are many ways a homeowner can try to rid themselves of the pest. One way is to spray repellents around the yard. Although this might deter roaming raccoons, it won’t do anything against a female raccoon with babies nearby.

Another way is to set your own traps. By doing this you risk getting bitten, falling off a ladder (if you’re setting traps in a tree or attic), or coming in contact with a raccoons’ fecal matter, which could contain disease-causing parasites.

In the end, it’s always best to call on a professional like BayState Wildlife at 781-830-6080 or use our contact form to safely remove any unwanted pests. The problems you avoid heavily outweigh the costs!

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