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Is there a skunk roaming around your home or yard? Skunks can look friendly and harmless however, except when they spray. Here are some effective methods of skunk control to prevent them from staying near your home!


Add Light: Skunks prefer dark locations and detest the light. They prefer to stay away from highly lit areas so adding light in your yard is an effective deterrent.

Seal Holes:  Prime locations that skunk choose to nest in are underneath your home, decks, and in yards. Make sure any open spaces are sealed in these areas so they don’t start nesting and make your home their home.

No Attractants: Make sure there are no attractants like pet food, garbage bags, water bowls, leftover fruits and vegetables, etc. in your yard. These attractants will not only attract skunks but other wildlife creatures as well.

Sprinklers: Have motion activated sprinklers to deter the skunks from staying around your home. This is a safe and natural way of keeping these smelly mammals from your property. Place the sprinklers close to where you suspect the skunk is taking shelter.

Repel: Use effective repellents that will naturally solve your skunk problems. Repellents will have active, natural ingredients that will irritate and repel skunks as soon as they taste, smell, or touch the product.


These are some effective alternatives for deterring skunks from your home. Wild skunks can bite and carry rabies so if none of these methods work for you try calling professional wildlife removers like Bay State Wildlife. Call us at 781-830-6080 or use our contact form to safely remove skunks from your property today!


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