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Since raccoons are more of an urban animal, human and raccoon encounters are common. Like rats, they are far more common in cities and in suburban areas than undeveloped natural environments.  Raccoons are known to be agile, curious, and smart creatures that are hard to keep away. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, but they can be active during the daytime as well.

To keep them out of the yard would be impossible unless one installed a prison grade fence. Motion sensitive sprinklers or trapping and relocation of the raccoon work as well, but the key to getting rid of raccoons from returning back to your house is to eliminate the things that are attracting the raccoons. For example, it could be your bird feeder, garbage, a pond, a deck or shed they can live underneath that is making the raccoons come back. To make your garbage cans raccoon proof, strap down the lids with a bungee cord or keep them in the garage until it’s trash day. Other ways of keeping raccoons away from your garbage can are to use heavy covers or locks so they don’t get to the food.

You can try discouraging them from getting near your house or garbage with bright lights and sounds but a simple porch light will not do. We suggest to use motion-activated floodlights around the areas they frequent to startle the more stubborn and determined raccoons. However, the best solution is to call an expert on raccoon removals like Bay State Wildlife to trap them for you, which guarantees your home from future raccoon invasions! By filling out our contact form or calling us at 781.830.6080, Bay State Wildlife will help you get rid of those pesky raccoons from your home immediately!


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