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Squirrels might look small and timid but they can actually cause a lot of problems. These creatures often eat seeds, nuts, mushrooms, acorns, insects and food that is available left in your garden or yard. Squirrels can eat the seeds from bird feeders and even cause damage of the openings in birdhouses to eat nesting birds. They can also ruin lawns by burying and digging up nutsĀ or eating the seeds or plants in your garden. They even walk or run across power lines and can accidentally short out transformers. In addition, squirrels can chew through wires and enter through your attic to build their nests.

To keep squirrels out of your house, close off any openings in your attic and other locations around your property that have a small opening. By placing a heavy wire mesh or solid metal panels over the openings it will help keep the squirrels out. Try not to trap them inside since squirrels can cause some damage trying to get out. To keep squirrels out of your garden, set up a tall fence and make sure to trim branches and leaves in your yard so they don’t squeeze or jump their way to your roof. You can also try providing the squirrels with an alternative food source like corn or seeds to keep them from getting to your bird feeders or plants in your garden.

If even after these suggestions and you still experience squirrel issues at your home, call a wildlife removal professional like Bay State Wildlife today! Take action and call us at 781-830-6080 before your squirrel problems get worse!

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