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The balmy spring weather melts all of the snow and brings animals out of hiding to raise their young. While raccoons and their babies are cute, you may not think so when they invade your home and attic. Raccoons can easily adapt to any situation, and this can make your home a perfect spot for them to hunker down for the spring.

While the intent of these animals is not to ruin your home, they can do this in the meantime while trying to protect their young.

Some signs of damage caused by raccoons are:

Damage in the attic
Flattened insulation
Chewed Wirings
Ducts becoming torn apart

To keep raccoons out during the springtime, you will want to be sure that you don’t leave any food outside overnight, that you take in trash cans at night, and that you destroy any access to a bird feeder that any other animals might have. If you have a garden, you may want to consider fencing it in, as many animals love unprotected gardens and the greenery inside them.

You will want to also cut back trees that hang over your roof, preventing an animal from jumping to and forth on your roof.

As always, call us if you think your home may be the new home to a few wild animals!




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