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Here are some early warning signs that your home might be infested with bats so you can prevent future damage and protect your home from wildlife intruders.

  • Seeing Bats– Do you happen to see bats near or around your home in the evening? This might be an obvious step however many have overlooked this step. Just step outside during the evening to investigate around your home. If you do not see any bats outside, most likely none are inside your home however if you see one or more, the chances of having bats are higher.
  • Attic Vent– The most common entry point for bats is usually through the attic vent so check your soffit and gable vents for damages. Some signs bats are in your home are if your vents have broken slates, holes, and paint chips near it. You can seal the vents with screen covers or cut them to the size of the damage or potential entry points. But before covering your vents, make sure there are absolutely no bats in your home before sealing the entry points.
  • Finger Sized Holes– On the exterior of your home look for small dark holes with dirt substances. Typical areas that you might find bat entry points are fireplaces, between bricks, and siding near rooftops.
  • Noises– Hearing scratching, crawling, squeaking sometimes gets overlooked as being a mice issue since there are similarities to the noises between bats and mice. however bats tend to burrow into the insulation trying to find warmth in the cooler months. If you hear any animal noises in your walls, don’t assume it’s a mouse right away and call a professional wildlife removal inspector.
  • Droppings– The easiest way of knowing you have a bat infestation is finding bat guano droppings in your attic. Bats usually cluster in one or two areas so look around for small piles of bat droppings throughout the attic. If you find several piles or small droppings throughout, you might need an attic restoration but by doing so, it will prevent health concerns caused by bat guano such as Histoplasmosis.
  • Smell of Ammonia– You might smell a potent smell of ammonia near your walls or discoloration on dry walls and ceilings if you have a bat problem. It could be the result of leaking pipes so it’s best to consult with a professional bat removal inspector first.

Overall it’s best to keep positive in bat removal since bats reproduce at an alarming rate! The ultimate solution is to call a bat removal inspector that is licensed, like Baystate Wildlife, to examine your home. Call 781-830-6080 now to free your home of bat intruders hassle free!

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