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It’s summer time where bats are commonly known to be an unwanted guest in your Boston home! Even just in August 2013, our wildlife removal company got more than 100 bat removal calls in Massachusetts in one day! With the hot and humid weather right now bats will flee to your attics for a dark shelter or even your living quarters to stay cool. More bats are visible at this time of the season in Boston due to all the recently newborn bats that are now old enough to take flight and hunt for their own food. Usually bats hibernate during the winter and come out in the summer and since the baby bats are still young and immature, they can end up lost and in places they shouldn’t be, like your attic or chimney. Even though bats can be more scared of us than we are of them, residents should never capture a bat by themselves due to the fact that bats may carry rabies which can cause an infection and even death.

An easy way to get a single bat out of your house could be handled by just opening a window or door of the room the bat is in. Bats will not attack you or fly into your hair but will circle erratically until it finds a way out. However, the best way to prevent bats from living or entering your home is to call people like us, at Bay State Wildlife we can capture and evict them from your house safely. This is especially true if someone has had direct contact with a bat or there was a bat with a sleeping person in a room. Since the bat should be captured and not released since there might be a potential risk of rabies to that person, an expert should be the one to handle this type of situation. If you think or know you have a bat in your home, call Bay State Wildlife at 781-830-6080 now or request a quote from us here today!


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