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Rabies can be extremely scary, and even potentially cause death. This being said, there are way to avoid this, and facts to know that can help to educate more about bats and rabies. Let’s take a look at some of the facts about bats and rabies.

Bats & Rabies

While there are some bats that carry rabies, it is really only around 6% of bats that carry this disease. Bats are not asymptomatic, so rabies automatically shows up, and does not stay in the body with no symptoms. This disease is spread by biting and can be found in any area, whether it be suburban or an urban area.

When Are You Most Vulnerable?

You can actually be a bit vulnerable to rabies from bats as well. One of the things that really pull this forward is the fact that many times, people think that baby bats look non-intimidating, and go ahead to try to help them. Sadly, this means that they get treated differently and they are handled less carefully. Because of this, we often see the baby bats spreading rabies via a bite. These bites will be felt and hurt a bit.

How To Control This

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you are in control of the situation. Being smart, with common sense and taking precaution can help you to avoid getting rabies. Similarly, vaccinating domestic pets and reporting immediately when bitten can really help to ensure that any disaster is avoided.

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