Melrose, MA Wild Animal Removal

Melrose, MA is in the greater Boston area, and Baystate Wildlife is happy to provide their services of bat removal, squirrel removal, bird removal, racoon removal, and skunk removal in Melrose, MA.

Melrose, MA was at first called Ponde Fielde because it has many streams and ponds. It was first explored in 1628 and became it’s own city in 1900. Melrose, MA was first settled when people wanted a more country feel that were living in Boston, MA and wanted to commute into the city for work.

Wildlife Removal Services in Melrose, MA

Baystate wildlife helped you get rid of unwanted animals safely and quickly. If you need skunk removal, bird removal, squirrel removal, or racoon removal – give us a call today and we are happy to help!

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