At Baystate Wildlife Management, our team is proud to serve the town of Dedham with our humane wildlife removal services. Dedham is a Norfolk County town that borders our hometown of Canton. It’s a beautiful community known for being the first community in the US with a public school system. Dedham is the perfect bedroom community with a rich history and close proximity to Boston. The town does have a fair amount of forest, which leads to occasional visits of animals into Dedham homes. Reach out to our team at Baystate Wildlife today for humane pest removal in Dedham.

Bat Removal Services in Dedham, MA

One of our premier services at Baystate Wildlife Management is bat removal. Bats don’t typically dwell in caves, as many people think. They often make their homes in human-made structures like decks or attics. Especially as Dedham becomes more developed, bats can make their way into people’s residences. We safely remove bats; we aren’t exterminators. We capture the bats humanely and make it so they can’t return. Bat exclusion is a key part of the equation that many leave out, not our team at Baystate Wildlife. Contact our team in Dedham if you’ve got a bat problem in your home. 

Raccoon Removal Services in Dedham, MA

Another top service of ours at Baystate Wildlife Management is raccoon removal and exclusion. Raccoons are mischievous animals that are capable of creating quite a bit of destruction. Their strength and dexterity make it so they can rip off roof shingles, get into garbages cans, and more. They often travel in groups as well, making the damage multiply. Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife today to learn more about raccoon removal services in Dedham, MA

Skunk Removal Services in Dedham, MA

Lastly, our team at Baystate Wildlife Management is proud to serve the town of Dedham with our skunk removal services. Skunks are typically animals that stay far away from humans. They do make their way onto homeowners’ properties looking for food. Their spray can be scary for homeowners, so if you’ve got a skunk invasion, contact our team in Dedham to get started removing skunks from your premises.

Our services don’t end there, though; we also help homeowners in Dedham remove squirrelsbirds, and other pests. Dedham’s natural beauty makes it prone to animals making their way onto residents’ property. We remove animals safely and make it so they can’t return!

At Baystate Wildlife, we offer 24-hour emergency animal removal services. our years of experience in the animal removal industry have helped resolved people’s troubles with wild animals such as birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. We humanely remove all types of animals from homes in Dedham, MA. Contact us at 781-830-6080 for a FREE Quote!



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