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These guys are the best! They are true professionals. They came out to my home quickly and explained everything and answered all my questions. I called them for flying squirrels and they came out and problem solved. That easy and price was reasonable and worth every penny for peace of mind. I will definitely use them again for any wildlife issues.

March 28, 2023

Very professional company. Service offered within 24 hours. Reasonable rates and 2 yr warranty.

February 8, 2023

Extremely happy with bay state wildlife, did a thorough job of taking care of our squirrel problem, highly recommend them to anyone with squirrel problems, vey quick response.

January 23, 2023

Baystate Wildlife is an incredible company, and I am so appreciative to them for helping us with some issues we were having with birds nesting in our vents. Last year a Technician came and covered up a few vents with custom chicken wire cages so that birds would stop nesting. He was able to remove a lot of nesting material from the vent. This was a great solution for our vents. Recently, they came back free of charge to re-do the dryer vent and install a proper dryer cover, so lint could better escape. The owner of the company was so helpful and generous to send his team out the day after I reached out to reinstall it. I'm really impressed with their service, both customer service and the technicians that have come onsite. They are so great at their jobs, and we will 100% be using them again in the future (but really hoping we don't need to now that we have all our vents covered ;)).

January 23, 2023

Baystate Wildlife was great to work with! We had some unwelcomed squirrels in our attic so we called Baystate. We heard back from Dale within 25 minutes and then were able to schedule from them to come out an service the house on the next business day. Dale was great to work with- took the business calls on a holiday weekend, explained the process, the 2 year guarantee, and answered all my anxious questions. Hector and the team that serviced the house was great too. Explained everything they did to get them out, really covered all the access points so they don't come back and eased my anxiety about squirrels in our house. They seemed to be priced on par with other companies we reached out to and the two year guarantee is a major plus. Overall, I would recommend Baystate Wildlife for any unwelcomed animals in your home!

November 28, 2022

I can’t say enough about how great Baystate Wildlife has been. We have a large, old house that had many access points for squirrels. Those squirrels set up shop in the walls in 2020 and did some serious damage. Baystate took care of it in a couple of hours. We had them come back out recently (2022) because the squirrels got back in in one section. Baystate immediately came out and took care of the problem. Highly recommend! I hope I don’t need their services again but I know who to call if I do. Thanks!

November 15, 2022

Excellent service! Dale is very fast at scheduling you in and remains communicative with you. He is reassuring and familiar with all aspects of this work, as is Mark his manager. Hiring this team is money very well invested.

November 4, 2022

When a raccoon family takes up residence in your chimney you want help fast. Bay State Wildlife Management answered my call, gave me an estimate and within a couple of hours a tech arrived and very efficiently, professionally, and thoroughly took care of the situation in a humane way. Mom and babies easily removed, chimney cap placed, job well done.
Thank you!

November 2, 2022

Baystate helped us with removing raccoons living on our property. They were very responsive and the team that came to our house was so helpful and professional.

October 7, 2022

Call Baystate when you have a problem with wildlife that needs to be solved! With our bat issue, Baystate quickly delivered everything they promised for a reasonable price. Not only were they fast, smart, and hardworking, but they were always compassionate and service-focused. In addition, they gave a two two year guarantee!

October 5, 2022

Just when I thought 2020 could not get worse I had a bat a bat in my house Monday night. I managed to get it to fly out a window. The next morning I called my exterminator and they told me that they did not handle bats but to call Baystate Wildlife. The gentleman that called me explained that a bat in my house in December was almost certain proof that I had a bat issue. When the Baystate crew came the next day, lo and behold I had an attic full of bat poop and they found many places the bats were and could get in. They did the job that day for me and they were great and made me feel better about such a scary situation. Baystate is the best.

DN Cambridge, MA December 6, 2021

Bats in the belfry!  I am petrified of bats and I had 2 flying around in my living room.  I called a local exterminator who referred me to Baystate.  My call was returned quickly and I was able to make an appointment for the next day which was good because I was going to go hide in a hotel!  The 4 man crew arrived the next morning, figured out where the bats were getting in and sealed up my house with bat doors and screening.  They even mouse proofed my foundation.  Thank you Baystate.

Lincoln M. Ipswich, MA November 6, 2021

My tenants called the emergency number for a bat to be removed at 2AM.  The technician arrived within an hour and got it out in 5 minutes.  The next morning I called to schedule an inspection and potential bat proofing.  Dale returned my call within 30 minutes and explained very clearly what the steps would be.  If there was no issue it would just be the inspection fee and if there was an issue they would do the job (which he described clearly).  When the crew arrive it didn't take long for them to diagnose the fact that my old Victorian had lots of places bats were entering.  The 4 man crew did the job there and then.  They were polite, knowledgeable and efficient and I think the cost was very reasonable, especially including the warranty.  Highly recommend!

Mark S. Providence, RI October 25, 2021

Baystate Wildlife is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner.  5 Stars!

Sheila W. Brookline, MA October 22, 2021

Great team, efficient work and humane treatment of animals.  Highly recommend them and can't say enough good things.  Helped us remove an animal that had settled in our chimney.  They also installed a chimney cap and gave us a warranty.  Reasonably priced as well.

Kishore M. Lexington, MA August 8, 2021

Bats, bats and more bats!  5 bats in our house in 3 nights.  My wife left to a hotel with the kids, terrified.  I called my exterminator and they referred me to Dale at Baystate.  When I called I got a reply text immediately telling me he would call shortly.  He did and explained the entire process in 5 minutes.  He knew more about bats then the 3 other companies I had spoken to combined.  Amazingly, the crew arrived the next day.  4 guys were all over my house and in 2 hours they had the job completed.  First night it sounded like a party in my walls and ceilings, the second not so much and the third, nothing.  The crew was very polite, very efficient and knew their stuff.  Kudos to Baystate!  Highly recommend.

Bill B. Lynnfield, MA May 10, 2021

My wife and I had birds in our soffits.  I called Baystate and Dale explained that they guaranteed to get them out and gave us a 2 year warranty when they were done.  And unlike the others we called, they sanitized the area before sealing it up so we would not get bird mites.  A little more money then we wanted to spend but well worth it and they came the next day!

Warren K. Stoughton, MA May 6, 2021

Five stars aren't enough.  I'd give them 10 if I could.  Called the main number at about 1:00 and Dale called me back 5 minute later and gave me a quote and the plan over the phone.  By 3:30 THE SAME DAY, the crew had arrived and were hard at work.  A raccoon had chewed its way through the roof  and made a hole in the ceiling too - not only did the guys figure out how to get it out of there, they came in and covered the hole in the ceiling too (so the critter could not come visiting).  Polite and pleasant, prompt and efficient - and the price was right.  I will sleep better tonight thanks to Dale and his crew.  Like I said, if I could Baystate 10 stars I would!

Mary A. Salem, MA  April 17, 2021

I had raccoons that made their way into my eaves.  I had another company come out and after 3 visits there were still babies trapped in my ceiling.  The mother raccoon was going crazy every night and destroying my roof.  Finally, I called Baystate and they came the following morning.  They explained that where the babies were jammed in they would have to cut open my ceiling!  They did and they got the babies in 10 minutes, put them in a box outside and that night I watched mama take the babies away.  I wish I called Baystate first instead of wasting $900 with the other guys and Baystate gave me a 2 year warranty when the other guys had no warranty.  I highly recommend Baystate Wildlife.

Jill M. Dorchester, MA  April 10, 2021

Baystate was a pleasure to work with.  A few days after my initial call, the technicians showed up ready to take care of the birds in my roof vents.  The technicians that came here were polite, professional,  and went above and beyond!  I was so pleased that I even called the office that day to give a compliment on his professional attitude.  I no longer have the birds in the vents.  I would definitely recommend Baystate!

Tarsha R. Boston, MA February 24, 2021

I could not ask for a more pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable crew.  The 3 man crew found my squirrel trouble spots right away and installed the one-way doors and then explained to me that they were going to do preventive work on other areas.  Great guys and great job.

Don S. Sagus, MA February 24, 2021

If you think Indiana Jones was afraid of rats that's nothing when compared to my fear of snakes so when I saw a 2' snake in my basement I ran to my neighbor Dale's house (he is the General Manager of Baystate Wildlife). He came right over and grabbed the snake and put me at ease. Turns out I had a slightly open window. When I asked Dale how much I owed him he told me to make a contribution to my favorite charity or my church! Thank you Dale! And I did make a $200 donation.

Steve W. N. Easton, MA January 6, 2021

I live in a triple decker condo and we had squirrels but the other owners were not experiencing any issues and did not want to spend $1,500 to make "my" problem go away. Dale explained that Baystate could not do part of a house, it had to be the whole house. My co-owners were still not buying it. Dale offered to speak to them and so I arranged a group call and when Dale was done everyone was on board! Baystate came out 2 days later and the 3 guys did an awesome job! Contact Baystate if you have an animal issue, you won't be sorry.

Tony S. Providence, RI January 6, 2021

I live in a triple decker condo and we had squirrels but the other owners were not experiencing any issues and did not want to spend $1,500 to make "my" problem go away. Dale explained that Baystate could not do part of a house, it had to be the whole house. My co-owners were still not buying it. Dale offered to speak to them and so I arranged a group call and when Dale was done everyone was on board! Baystate came out 2 days later and the 3 guys did an awesome job! Contact Baystate if you have an animal issue, you won't be sorry.

Tony S. Providence, RI January 6, 2021

One call and Baystate was at my house the next day and took care of my squirrel issue! I highly recommend them!

Frank T. Lynn, MA December 6, 2020

I woke up one morning to a rat in my kitchen. I was horrified and called 4 companies, Baystate Wildlife got back to me right away and first sent an emergency man to get the rat, which he did. Then Dale explained to me that using traps or bait stations was not enough, we would require what he called an exclusion. The crew arrived the next day at 8AM and sealed up my foundation and went around the house to seal any entries where the siding and foundation meet. They also got the top of the house sealed up. I can't thank Baystate enough for their prompt response and great work and the guys who came were so friendly and explained exactly what they were doing.

Amy W. Newton, MA November 6, 2020

I would highly recommend Baystate Wildlife Management!  Dale responded in a timely manner and patiently answered all of my questions.  I had just found out I had skunks under my sunroom and groundhogs under my shed.  The team came out within 2 days and they were professional and extremely respectful of my property.  They even informed me that some of my plants might be impacted by the exclusion barrier installation.  They made a very stressful situation so much better!

Michelle H. Scituate, MA August 21, 2020

I was very satisfied with my experience with Baystate Wildlife.  Dale was my main contact and he was great to deal with.  He addressed my concerns and returned my calls in a timely manner...great customer service!  Chuck and his crew were outstanding and made sure to cover all the bases in dealing with my bat issue.  He was great and took the time to not only do a thorough job but to also educate me.  Alex was great too.  I was impressed by the professionalism of and I highly recommend Baystate Wildlife.

Joanne M. Providence, RI August 19, 2020

This was such an easy process!  One phone call and all our problems were solved.  The customer service is outstanding and everyone was very respectful of our time and money.  All with a 3-year warranty!

Rebecca K. Newton, MA August 3, 2020

Baystate Wildlife did an outstanding job bat-proofing my house today. I had called just yesterday! The crew got up on the roof and took care of business. They were all very professional and really knew what they were doing. I could not have found a better company to take care of this dangerous situation. Dale, my initial contact, was a pleasure to deal with. He knew exactly what had to be done and was always polite and professional. The whole job went like clockwork. You'll be glad you hired these men for your pest problems... high-quality work at fair prices.

Jay E. Brookline, MA July 19, 2020

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