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After hearing what sounded like a small party going on in my attic for a week or so and noticing a squirrel sneaking into my attic under a corner of the roof, I called Baystate Wildlife to come help out. They set up a convenient appointment and came out the day after I called (they would have come sooner but I wasn't going to be home). They arrived right on time (actually a little bit early, which I appreciated). The owner, Mark, got up on the roof to inspect the main area where I thought they were getting in, and confirmed that it was squirrels. He put a humane temporary trap up on the roof (i.e. one that would trap a squirrel but still let it live so they could release it) and arranged for Duncan to come out the next day to install a one-way squirrel door on the roof so the squirrels in the attic could get out but not back in, and to squirrel-proof the rest of the house. The quote was less than other places I had called, and they also provided a one-year guarantee that if the squirrels got back in that they would come out at no additional cost to me and do some additional squirrel-proofing.

Duncan came the next day (working in 85 degree heat on my very old roof, I might add), removed the temporary trap, and installed the one way door and squirrel proofing. I haven't heard a peep since!

These are great, honest guys to work with. I'm a single woman, and I felt totally comfortable having them come to my home. They were knowledgeable and take their work seriously. I had some additional questions after they left, and Mark returned my call promptly and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone needing any kind of wildlife removal from the home!

R.B. Littleton, MA May 29, 2009

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We started seeing what looked liked tiny birds flying in and out of our attic, then we realized these weren’t birds and we had a very serious problem. Bats….and many of them. We called Baystate Wildlife in Canton, Mass and the owner Mark Thomas was quickly dispatched for an inspection. He was prompt, polite, professional

Frank J Andover MA July 29, 2011

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Responsive, Professional, and to the point. Just a few good things about Baystate Wildlife. Thank you!!

Edward C Canton, MA December 29, 2011

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Last year my Mother had squirrels and birds in her attic and was very happy with Baystate Wildlife's prompt and professional service. Now it's my turn, with chipmunks and raccoons living in my basement. When I called Baystate Wildlife they were extremely understanding and sent Tom right out. We had scratching sounds in our walls for weeks that have finally ended. Tom explained everything to us, set traps and sealed our basement from nature's intruders. We can now sleep in peace and couldn't be happier with their excellent service! Baystate Wildlife ROCKS!

Bob T Randolph, MA December 29, 2011

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I highly recommend Baystate Wildlife Management. We had a problem with woodchucks under our porch, we called and received an immediate response with a high degree of professionalism. They successfully captured the woodchucks quickly. Great experience with Baystate.

Sam A Canton, MA December 31, 2011

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Highly recommend this company. Very knowledgeable. Quick response, very professional.

C.K Boston, MA January 1, 2012

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I highly recommend Baystate Wildlife.  Shortly after we moved into our new home we began hearing scratching in walls and ceilings.  A neighbor of mine recommended I call Mark at Baystate Wildlife.  Mark was prompt and courteous and took the time to explain how the squirrels may have entered my home and what we could do to keep them out.  He sent his crew out the next day and set up some one-way trap doors on all the potential entry points.  He then followed up a few days later to see if the scratching noises have ceased.   The scratching had indeed ceased and my family is now able to sleep at night!  I would definitely recommend and use Baystate Wildlife again.

Jenny G Canton, MA January 2, 2012

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When you need a giant wild brown beaver removed from your pool - you call Baystate Wildlife Management! I was unpleasantly surprised early one morning when I opened my pool cover up to pump down the water level and saw an animal propelled itself from the deep end to the shallow end (about 35 feet) within seconds. We thought it was an otter or badger at first but then got it to hop up onto the patio deck with the pool skimmer. One look at that thing's angry face and giant front teeth - I knew it was a pissed off beaver. Within a minute or two it jumped right back in the pool and I knew it was time to call a professional to deal with this thing. After unsuccessfully trying to contact several other companies - I thankfully came across Baystate Wildlife. Right from the start, I got a live person on the phone and within 1/2 hour an animal removal specialist arrived at my house. He assessed the situation and was able to effortlessly wrangle the beaver into a net within 15 minutes. Very prompt, professional and courteous service - and pretty entertaining too! Best couple of hundred bucks I ever spent.

Mike R Canton, MA January 2, 2012

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I was experiencing what sounded like a gorilla in my walls and ceiling--I called Marc and he responded that day--after following his recommended plan the problem was resolved--fast courteous service at a fair price--a pleasure doing business with this company--highly recommend

Kevin C Mansfield, MA January 3, 2012

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Not often do I have the time to write a review and thankfully not often do I have animals in my attic! After Baystate Wildlife came out over the weekend I don't imagine I will ever have the issue again. I was hesitant to call because of the holiday weekend, however, the scratching was too much for my wife and kids to hear and given we had decorations to put back in the crawl space, I made the call. I received a callback and had a crew ( I think including the owner himself! ) at my house removing a small family of squirrels that had gotten in through a hole near my gutters. They installed a 1 way door over the entry point just in case. I am glad to say ( I waited a couple days before writing this) that we are completely animal free and I can not thank Baystate Wildlife enough!  You have gone above and beyond with a courteous crew and professionalism that is greatly appreciated! Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Wil B Walpole, MA January 3, 2012

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Sean from Bay State Wild Life is just finishing up removing Raccoons from my chimney.  They were in a difficult area but he managed to get all the babies out and evict the mother.  He's putting on a cap so they can't get back in.  Thanks, Baystate Wildlife.

Mark F Framingham, MA May 5, 2012

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This company and the guys are VERY good at what they do. I've used them twice at two different properties and would recommend them to anyone. (I had flying Squirrels @ one home & Red Squirrels @ another) They're knowledge, pricing, response time and guarantee are unmatched in their field.

Gregg H MA July 30, 2012

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Just want to say thanks to the gentleman who called me at 11pm tonight to answer some questions about getting a bat out of our wood burning stove. We could see the little guy and wanted to get him out safely, and with his advice, we were able to do so. We had been gone for the weekend, so I think this guy was in there for a bit and was tired and didn’t put up a fight. My husband grabbed him with his gloved hands, out him in a mesh caterpillar/butterfly cage we have, and then safely took him outside for release. Probably doesn’t seem like much, but having someone to answer our questions so late on a Saturday night made us feel much more confident in what to do. It was important to us that we make the best effort to help the little guy, as we are setting the example on how to treat animals for our young boys. Again, thanks!

Carolyn MacPherson Middleton, MA November 13, 2017

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