Raccoon Removal & Exclusion

Trapping a raccoon is the only surefire way to permanently remove it from your home. With this, we can’t block the entry point while it looks for food, the same we can do with bats; if it is separated from its babies, she will rip apart your house until she is reunited with her pups. Because of this reason, we use our humane traps to trap the adult raccoons; after we’ve trapped the adults, gathering up the pups is a lot easier.

As soon as all the raccoons are carefully removed, we will begin the Raccoon Exclusion process, similar to that of bat proofing. We will securely cover and patch up any holes or entry points the raccoons previously used to invade your home. If the raccoons decided to make their home in your chimney, we will replace your old chimney cap with a stainless steel one.

This “Raccoon Proofing” will help prevent any future raccoon from gaining access to your attic or chimney.

As soon as we finish will the raccoon proofing, we will inspect the damages the raccoons caused while residing in your attic or chimney. We will look for feces, urine, chewed up wires/insulation, and parasites; after the inspection, based on the amount of damage the raccoons caused, we will give you an estimated quote to clean up the damage.

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We offer 24 hour emergency animal removal services. We humanely remove all types of animals from homes all over Massachusetts. Some of the animals we have removed include: bats, raccoons, squirrels and skunks.
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