Bat, Raccoon, & Squirrel Removal in Norfolk, MA

Baystate Wildlife is proud to offer their wildlife removal services in Norfolk, MA. Norfolk is located in the Eastern part of Massachusetts and is a great town with great neighborhoods that we love to work in. There are many residential areas within Norfolk, MA that can have wildlife problems.

We are able to provide homeowners living in Norfolk with humane and quick wildlife removal for any pesky wildlife that they can’t get rid of. Most wildlife that you come in counter with is harmless but some can pose a threat to you, your family, and cause damage to your home.

Animal Removal Services in Norfolk, MA

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Bat Removal in Norfolk, MA

Bats are a common animal to make their way into homes in all seasons, especially in the attic. Bats can create small holes in your siding or ventilation system and make your home their home. Bats will often time seek shelter when they’re sick or injured or looking for a home for their babies.

Squirrel Removal in Norfolk, MA

Squirrels are normal to see around your home, they often live in trees and can be seen running across power lines. Squirrels can pose a problem when they start to go into your home because they are known to cause expensive property damage. They can chew through walls, wires, insulation, and anything to make your home their home. Before they cost you a lot of stress and money, get rid of any squirrels in your home today.

Raccoon Removal in Norfolk, MA

Raccoons usually travel in packs, that combined with their significant strength and thumbs allow them to commit a serious amount of damage around neighborhoods. Often you see raccoons milling about your garbage, but when it comes time for them to nest, they typically find an elevated area like a tree. Sometimes, they make their homes in Norfolk attics. That’s where our team at Baystate Wildlife can help. We’ve got experience removing raccoons from homes and attics and making it so they aren’t able to return back to the scene. If you’re experiencing a family raccoons trying to join your family, call our team at Baystate Wildlife today.

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If you need any of our wildlife removal services don’t hesitate to reach out. We are trusted professionals who will safely remove all wildlife from your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (781) 830-6080 or contact us directly on our website.