Concord MA is a city in Middlesex County, and is considered as part of the Greater Boston area. Like Boston, Concord has played a crucial role in history and literature. One of the first battles of the Revolutionary War took place right here!33947_303003349781569_830125516_n

Here at Bay State Wildlife, we help remove, trap, and exclude a variety of animals from houses all over Concord MA. We specialize in removing bats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. We even offer 24 hour emergency services. Having another animal living in your home can be very uncomfortable and dangerous. Some of these creatures carry various diseases like rabies. For the safety of you and your family, it is best to give us a call right away when you spot another animal in or around your house. Our phone number is 781-589-2832; we look forward to helping keep your family and home safe from wildlife.

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