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Wakefield, MA is a large town in Middlesex County and is about 12.5 miles north of Downtown Boston. The town was known as Lynn Village, then South Reading, before changing its name to Wakefield, named after Cyrus Wakefield. In 1958, Route 128 or I-95 was built along the northern side of Wakefield and it has been a bedroom community for residents commuting into Boston. Today, Wakefield is bordered by Reading, North Reading, Melrose, Stoneham, Saugus, and Lynnfield.

With about 25,000 people living in Wakefield, it can be common to see wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, and skunks living in people’s homes. They could pose serious problems to homeowners such as disease or damage to the wood structure. So, if you see signs of wildlife, don’t hesitate to contact Baystate Wildlife today. We would come into your home and inspect the house to make sure the animals are removed and proof it. If you are interested in our services in Wakefield, feel free to give us a call at 781-830-6080.

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We offer 24 hour emergency animal removal services. We humanely remove all types of animals from homes all over Massachusetts. Some of the animals we have removed include: bats, raccoons, squirrels and skunks.
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