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With the weather cooling down, many animals are looking to head indoors for the winter. They are looking for shelter to keep them warm, and tsquirrel-498139o grow their families. Unfortunately for some people, these places can be their homes or attics.
You can proof your home to keep these animals out!

Here are some quick and easy steps to follow, to keep your home protected this winter.
1. Seal all cracks. Not only can these cracks be troublesome for your heating bills, but they can also provide a space for an animal to crawl through. When you complete spring and fall maintenance, try to inspect all areas around your home, and check to see if there are any problematic holes.
2. Don’t seal any animals inside! If you see any holes, try and block any exit with a piece of cloth or paper; that way if there is an animal inside, it can move the blockage aside to get out. If the paper hasn’t moved in a few days, it is probably safe to seal the hole for good. Be sure to consider babies! Squirrels have two litters a year, and if you separate a mother from her baby, not only will the baby die, but the mother will come back looking for her child and she won’t be happy.
3. Round up your tools. A flashlight will help you see into dark corners, and binoculars will help you to see closely into these spaces, and in areas you may not be able to reach (such as chimneys).
4. Check your home’s exterior. Inspect your home’s foundation, roof and attic space to be sure there are no animals living in these warm areas. Your attic may have signs of chewing or scratches, which are sure signs of an animals’ presence.
5. Keep your trash inside until the morning of collection, and if you compost, make sure that you aren’t composting meats. Tightly secure all trash so that it stays shut.


If you suspect that there are animals present in your home, call us! Baystate Wildlife handles all wildlife matters, quickly and professionally.

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