Why You Should Hire a Animal Removal Specialist to Remove Skunks From Your Home

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Skunk Removal MADid you recently find a skunk digging under a deck, shed, porch or house and made a den there? It is a very common case for many homeowners in Massachusetts. This situation happens when a mother skunk wants to dig a safe haven to raise her babies. Many sheds are raised off the ground and skunks can sense whether it will be safe for them or not.

There are many reasons to remove a skunk from your yard and one of them is the odor. If a skunk sprays, it is most likely due to the fact that it feels threatened. Another reason is to attract other skunks during matings seasons. If you have a pet dog that constantly roams in your backyard, it might get sprayed a lot.

So in order to remove skunks living under your shed, a large cage trap with cat food or sweets might work when set near the hole. However, it is highly recommended to consult an animal removal expert to block off all other means of escape routes. After the skunk is removed, you should install an exclusion barrier, a steel barrier that prevents other animals from digging their way under the shed again.

If you are not comfortable doing any of the above, contact Baystate Wildlife today. We are animal removal experts based in Canton, MA. We specialize in inspections, animal removals, proofing, attic cleanups, and more. Contact Baystate Wildlife today for a quote if you encounter any animal problems in the Westwood, Newton, Milton, Lexington, and other areas in Greater Boston.


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