3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Raccoons from Making a Mess in Your Trash Can

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Raccoons in Garbage

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals that are native to North America and can be commonly found in the Greater Boston area. Their traditional habitat is forest but due to their adaptability, they are found in mountains, coastal marshes, and urban areas. With that being said, many homeowners consider them pests because they could make a mess out of your trash can or made their home inside someone’s home.

It is not uncommon to see raccoons in a dumpster or trash can. They are very strong and crafty and love to tip over garbage cans to find food. Homeowners would find a huge mess around their trash cans because of raccoons. The amount of destruction caused by raccoons in a trash can have led to many Boston homeowners give us a call to remove them humanely.

However, there are some things you can do to prevent raccoons visiting your trash can so often.

  • Do not waste food and try not to throw out food
  • Don’t leave the garbage outside for a long duration of time, try to keep it indoors (garage) until garbage pickup
  • Purchase durable and sturdy cans with a locking lid

Contact Baystate Wildlife for Raccoon Removal in Greater Boston

If you ever found a raccoon roaming in your home or backyard, contact Baystate Wildlife today. Trapping raccoons by yourself could be dangerous because they could carry rabies that you might be aware of. This should be left to the professionals. We are proud to serve Needham, Westwood, Weston, Lexington, and other areas of Greater Boston.



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