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There are many species of birds in the state of Massachusetts and it is true they can capture your attention with their beauty and songs. However, as the winter is near, birds that stay in the north could make their nest inside your home. They can cause significant damages to your home and block ventilation which may cause a fire. Bird droppings can transmit diseases like rabies and bird flu.

Here are some methods you can use to keep birds away from your home:

  • Hawks are often predators to many birds living in the New England area. By mounting a plastic hawk on your porch, birds will be intimidated by it. It is important to move the hawk constantly, so birds would not recognize it is merely a plastic hawk.
  • Place reflective flash tape around the perimeter of your porch. The wind will create a sound when the tape moves around and birds will avoid the area. The tape’s reflective properties will make birds avoid the porch as well.
  • Install sound speakers around your porch. Set the volume and choose the sound that will scare the bird species you want to scare from the area. The sound of birds in discomfort and predators will warn other birds to stay away from the area.
 If you are still disturbed by birds nesting in your house, do not hesitate to contact Baystate Wildlife today. We are proud to serve Westwood, Lexington, Newton and other areas in the Greater Boston area. In addition to bird removal, we also remove squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and bats humanely from your home. Reach out to us to learn more.

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