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Winter seasons are finally here and bats just like people love the warmth of a house. It is actually very common to see a bat flying inside a house in New England. If you see a bat that is living in your home, you can usher a bat back into the wild with some of these tips. However, if you have a bat infestation, DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself, contact a wildlife remover immediately.

The Airflow Method

Bats have a natural sense of where the air is coming in to the room. So, you can close all the windows and doors in the room and just leave one window open. The bat then should be able to follow the airflow and go back outside.

The Broom Method

If the bat is hanging or landed, you can use a broom to try transporting it back to the outside. It is very important to remain calm and take a broom and place it gently onto the bat. The bat might grab on to it or even biting it to “destroy” it. Once it is on board, move slowly toward the outside and jostle the broom to have it let go.

Cover Yourself

Some bats carry rabies and it is important to cover yourself when you deal with bats. You would not want to leave exposed skin for the bat to bite you. They will ATTACK if they feel threatened.

Contact Us for Professional Bat Removal

If you couldn’t remove the bat yourself or you found an infestation, contact Baystate Wildlife immediately. We are professional wildlife removers in the Greater Boston area. We will come to your house and inspect the situation. Whether it’s a single bat, squirrel, raccoon, bird, or skunk or multiples of them, contact us to remove them from your home. We serve Boston, Westwood, Canton, Newton, and more.


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