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It is winter and wild animals like raccoons often find shelter inside the attic of a house. So, don’t be surprised that you find a raccoon in the attic or other less visited areas of the home. Mother raccoons will often seek shelter to raise their baby pubs. If you ever find a baby raccoon wandering your home without its mother, do not attack it or try to remove it yourself. Here are some useful tips on how to deal with baby raccoons.

Don’t Remove the Baby Raccoon

When you see a baby raccoon by itself, it does not mean that the baby has been orphaned, it might just be wandering around their den while the mother sleeps during the daytime. In fact, raccoons do not become nocturnal until age one, so once the mother wakes up and finds her babies are missing because you removed from its trails, the mother could go crazy and destroy your house in order to find the baby.

Offer the Baby Raccoon Protection

As previously discussed, moving a baby is not a good idea, however, extra protection to the baby can be done to help the baby from getting hurt. You could place a box with high sides to prevent a baby from walking too far, but make sure to leave the top of the box open so the mother can retrieve her baby. Keep a warm heating pad on one side of the box to offer warmth to the baby. However, if you come back the next day and the mother has not picked up the baby, the mother might not be returning and by that time, you should call Bay State Wildlife to remove the pub humanely from your home.

When You Wait for Wildlife Removal

If you called wildlife control and it hasn’t arrived yet, resist the urge to feed the baby raccoon. The pup might be crying but the crying sound is an important tool for the mother raccoon to retrieve the pub. Feeding a baby raccoon can also cause serious health problems for the animal. Thus, it is highly recommended to wait for the professional wildlife control service to arrive.

Contact Bay State Wildlife For Additional Help

Bay State Wildlife has years of experience in removing raccoons from homes in Massachusetts. If you see a pup that might have been abandoned, give us a call to learn about the steps to take in dealing with raccoons and how we can remove raccoons both safely and humanely. We are proud to serve Westwood, Lexington, Newton, and other areas in Greater Boston.

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