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Birds can often be a problem, as they love to nest on convenient ledges of a home. This allows them to stay clear of predators and provides a safe environment for baby birds.

This being said, there are some reasons you may not want birds nesting on your porch area, the first being that some species of birds can be very invasive, meaning that as they breed, they will try to take over a specific area of “land”. Similarly, these nests can get a little bit messy, with constant debris falling, which you will have to ultimately clean up. Protective parent birds can also be very aggressive and cause you some problems in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can avoid birds nesting on your porch or patio today.

  • Plastic Hawk: This will make the birds think that there is a predator around and will ensure they will be too scared to continue nesting or begin nesting around your home.
  • Reflective Bird Deflectors: The reflective element of these deflectors mimics the look and reflective quality of a bird of preys eyes.
  • Reflective Flash Tape: Similarly to the bird deflectors mentioned above, this tape will mimic a predator’s eyes. This, however, may be an easier item to find at the store.
  • Bird Netting: This netting will ensure that birds can not build nests on your patio.
  • Sound Deterrents: These sounds deterrents will mimic noises of predators and deter birds from nesting in that area.
  • Copper Scouring Pads: By filling in small spaces, you can make sure that there is no space for a nest.
  • Slope Ledges: Birds will want to build their nests on convenient little ledges, as mentioned above, and these structures typically cannot be moved, but you may be able to give it a slight slope, making it impossible for a bird to build a nest.

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