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Squirrels can be difficult to follow, and it is very difficult to gauge where they are entering a home. This being said, brick is an interesting material to go over, as it can be different from a softer material, such as wood, which is extremely easy for a squirrel to get through. Let’s take a look at the different ways a squirrel can get through a brick home or office building today.

Can a Squirrel Climb a Brick Home?

Squirrels are master climbers. Because of this, yes, they can absolutely climb a brick home. Even if there was potential injury involved, a squirrel could still make it up a brick building easily. With this being the case, it can be difficult, especially for homeowners, because if you have any sort of hole in the wall of your brick, a squirrel could easily climb up and get into this hole. If this hole leads into the home, you may be in trouble.

Can a Squirrel Chew Through Brick?

This question is slightly more tricky to answer than the prior. Obviously, there is no way that a squirrel, or almost any animal, could chew through an absolutely solid brick building. The material is just too hard for their teeth to deal with.

If there is a small hole or a spot where the material between the bricks is softened for any reason, you will find that squirrels may be able to chew their way into the home. They are smart enough where they can actually pick, little by little, and make it through this by chipping their way in, even if it could take a very long time.

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