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Raccoons are interesting in the fact that they are extremely smart animals. This has been noted in many different studies and even shows true in relation to how they can get into your home.

They are one of the largest animals in their family and can live relatively long periods of time. Coming from mixed forests and areas where there is a lot of greenery, raccoons have used their smarts to adapt and move out of these areas. They have now been known to move into more urban areas, where they find leftover food in trash cans etc. Many raccoons have moved into extremely urban areas, such as New York City, where there is an endless amount of food in the trash cans for them to survive off of.

While many of these raccoons live in urban areas, we still find that many lurk in the suburban areas. You would think that it would be difficult to get into the homes, even ones made of brick, etc., but it isn’t for one of the smartest animals out there. Let’s take a look at how they can get into your home today.

How Can A Raccoon Get into My House?

Raccoons love attics. This being said, they can and will do a lot of different things to get into yours. They can even go as far as to rip a part of the house open to get into it. While they can be aggressive and do this, they are so smart that they can find the path of least resistance. If there is a place where the roof already has an opening, it will be much easier for them to tear their way in. Branch damage can also cause these kinds of holes.

Raccoons are strong animals with nimble hand and they need to be watched out for. Trimming your trees back may be a good idea if you are afraid of this problem.

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