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Squirrels are often seen as pests, and while they can be a slight nuisance, especially in your home, there are some interesting facts out there that may help you to understand them a little further. These facts may be able to help expand your knowledge of how squirrels work and help you to avoid having them infiltrate your home. Here are 5 facts about squirrels.

  1. Acorn Finding Skills: Squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow. This is an incredible skill that allows for squirrels to find their food even when it does not seem possible. From the standpoint of a human, a foot od snow does not seem like a lot, but to a squirrel, this is incredible, as, with the most recent weather, we may not know exactly what to expect weather-wise.
  2. Front Teeth: Their front teeth never stop growing. This is great because it ensures that while their teeth are slightly dulled when eating, this enamel grows back, allowing to keep their teeth as strong as possible.
  3. The Zig Zag: Squirrels have one very smart method of running away from predators. They zig zag to ensure that they can make it away from predators such as hawks. If they ran straight, they would be a very easy target, but since it is harder to track a zigzag, this is incredibly smart on their part.
  4. Weight Gain: Gaining weight is necessary for their health. In the winter time, squirrels do not necessarily hibernate, but they do gain lots of weight to stay warm. While they sleep a lot, hibernation is not on their radar, and therefore they need to stay warm.
  5. All the Lost Acorns…: Squirrels consider having a failsafe when it comes to their acorns. They typically bury more than they need, and therefore, they have some extra that they don’t dig up. This leads to those acorns beginning to grow, turning into new trees.

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