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Bats can become quite the issue if they consistently get into your home. Sometimes, you may think that they have gone away, but then they pop up again a few weeks later. This could be due to many reasons including entryways and because it is the best space they have found so far. While this can be a huge issue for some, it is important to look at the different areas of the home that allow for bats to continually enter the home over and over again. Let’s look at some of these areas.

Front Door/ Open Window

The front door or an open window are two of the easiest ways for a bat to fly into your home. Whether you notice it or not, it can happen very quickly and without you knowing it. One of the things to look out regarding doors is porch lights. Typically, your porch light would be in front of your door, and the porch light typically attracts all sorts of bugs. Bats love to eat bugs and therefore you may get a few bats this way.


Chimneys are another easy way for bats to get into your home, as bats love the darkness. A chimney is also a great place for bats to be able to have their babies, meaning there is a lot of problems with this area. Chimney caps can be used to avoid this, and it is typically a good idea to look in the fall and spring when you wouldn’t necessarily use your fireplace as much.


The attic is the number one place that bats live because of the darkness and high elevation. Making sure you have no holes in this area will ensure the bats cannot get in.

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Bay State Wildlife has years of experience in removing bats from homes in Massachusetts. If you see a baby bat that might have been abandoned, give us a call to learn about the steps to take in dealing with these animals and how we can remove bats both safely and humanely. We are proud to serve Westwood, Lexington, Newton, and other areas in Greater Boston.

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