Salem MA is a city in Essex County with a population of over 41,000. Salem is a residential and tourist area, best known for the Salem Witch Trials. In early America, this historic city was one of the most significant sea ports. With such a huge population, wildlife has a lot of homes at their disposal to make a home for themselves and their family and friends!33947_303003349781569_830125516_n

If you are one of the unlucky ones, whose house a wild animal chose to invade, do not panic, just call Baystate Wildlife at 781-830-6080! We will perform exclusions and trappings until we have removed every last one! We specialize in…and other wildlife. It is important, especially if you find a bat flying around your room, to call us right away; we offer 24 hour bat removal services. Bats can be very dangerous, especially because they can carry the rabbi virus. If you are bitten, you should see a doctor right away!

We humanely remove animals from your home, porch, deck, and attic. We have been in business for over ten years, and have perfected our ability to successfully remove wildlife from homes.

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