Bat, Raccoon & Humane Wildlife Removal in Salem, MA

Our team at Baystate Wildlife is proud to provide the city of Salem with our humane and safe animal removal services. Salem is a coastal Massachusetts city located in Essex County that was one of the first major seaports in the area. The city has a well-known history related to the early United States and of course the Salem witch trials. Salem is home to about 44,000 residents today making it one of the larger communities on the North Shore. Read below for more information about the community of Salem and the services Baystate Wildlife offers in town.

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Animal Removal Services in Salem, MA

Bat Removal | Skunk Removal | Raccoon Removal | Bird Removal

Raccoon Removal Services in Salem, MA

First up is the raccoon removal and exclusion services that we offer in Salem, MA. Raccoons can be some of the toughest wildlife you encounter around your home. They can cause quite a bit of destruction when they’re intent on finding a place for themselves and their raccoon children. Their strength allows them to rip down roofing shingles and do other damage. If you’ve got raccoon visitors in your home you should hire experts like our team at Baystate Wildlife. We’re equipped to deal with raccoons safely and humanely so that neither the animal nor we are hurt in the process. Our services aren’t just about removal either. We make it so that raccoons cannot return once they’re removed.

A few signs that raccoons have invaded your home are when you hearing chirping noises, footsteps, and scratching in your walls, ceiling, or attic. Contact Baystate Wildlife today to learn more today.

Bat Removal Services in Salem, MA

Another of our top services at Baystate Wildlife is our bat removal services. Bats are some of the last creatures that you want in your home. These animals don’t live in remote caves like you may think, they often make their homes in sheds, garages, or other parts of homes. These small critters are known to carry disease and in some cases can be harmful to your family. Our methods for removing bats ensure that no one is hurt but also that the bats won’t be able to take shelter in your home again. Reach out to our team to learn more about our bat removal & exclusion services in Salem. 

Squirrel Removal Services in Salem, MA

Finally, Baystate Wildlife is glad to provide Salem, MA residents with our squirrel removal services. Squirrels often travel in groups which makes their diminutive stature much more intimidating. A group of squirrels building a nest in your home can lead to a number of different worries. The damage they cause isn’t insignificant even though these guys are small. Contact Baystate Wildlife in Salem today if you’ve got squirrels invading your home. 

Contact Baystate Wildlife For Animal Removal in Salem, MA

Our experience at Baystate Wildlife is what sets us apart from other animal removal contractors. We care for animals and focus on harm prevention when removing them from your home, plus we take the steps to ensure that the animals cannot return to the scene of the crime. Contact Baystate Wildlife in Salem today for assistance.