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After hearing what sounded like a small party going on in my attic for a week or so and noticing a squirrel sneaking into my attic under a corner of the roof, I called Baystate Wildlife to come help out. They set up a convenient appointment and came out the day after I called (they would have come sooner but I wasn’t going to be home). They arrived right on time (actually a little bit early, which I appreciated). The owner, Mark, got up on the roof to inspect the main area where I thought they were getting in, and confirmed that it was squirrels. He put a humane temporary trap up on the roof (i.e. one that would trap a squirrel but still let it live so they could release it) and arranged for Duncan to come out the next day to install a one-way squirrel door on the roof so the squirrels in the attic could get out but not back in, and to squirrel-proof the rest of the house. The quote was less than other places I had called, and they also provided a one-year guarantee that if the squirrels got back in that they would come out at no additional cost to me and do some additional squirrel-proofing.

Duncan came the next day (working in 85 degree heat on my very old roof, I might add), removed the temporary trap, and installed the one way door and squirrel proofing. I haven’t heard a peep since!

These are great, honest guys to work with. I’m a single woman, and I felt totally comfortable having them come to my home. They were knowledgeable and take their work seriously. I had some additional questions after they left, and Mark returned my call promptly and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone needing any kind of wildlife removal from the home!

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